Examine your life and look for your bad habits, your mistakes and every element that stops your development. Write these down on paper! Confess that these are bad for you and that you have to change them! Don't be permissive with yourself at this stage - decide firmly that you have to change these features.

Related to your health, you can find bad habits most easily if you look at FitFive's basic principles. What is completely opposite to healthy practice in your life is a barrier that you have to leave behind for the sake of your development.  There cannot be contradictions between your life and the basic rules of FitFive. If there are any contradictions, you won't make the progress you could otherwise.

Make up your mind to take the right way and walk it proudly! Show an example to those around you and encourage them! Your increased self-confidence will be the basis of your development. Talk to the people who are important to you about your development - it is significant to every relationship! Write down, speak aloud and repeat every day what you have to do for your development. Don't deal with your previous bad habits and mistakes anymore, only concentrate on the Right Way.

You have to know what to do in each situation, and what makes things work. You have to repeat the basics to progress in your development, and FitFive helps you with this. Over the years I have collected good and effective methods carefully, and written down why they have their effect. So read FitFive carefully, since this theoretical background is necessary.

Never forget: the most important part of this is you! You will attain excellent results through your own power, with your own greatness and it will inspire you with huge pride and self-confidence.

Acceptance is when we see things without judging them. We may have an opinion, but it's not a judgement. The biggest advantage of acceptance in the modern age is that it is fast and simple. Instead of judging and trying to change something or interfering with it, accept it and that's it. The best to do is to accept the situation you find yourself in regarding things have already happened previously and things have depended on someone else as well. Imagine the following situation. Right now you have a certain kind of mental and physical state. It emerged over years and maybe now it's wrong for you. The reason behind this is you: you...

Your joy, happiness, or satisfaction doesn't depend on the outer material world. These contribute to your feelings but only your conscious mind determines the experiences of your life. If you appraise situations positively, you will feel happy about any state of your life and you will be able to take power from everything. The world around you is full of energy but you don't feel this if you wait or long for something else, something more, for more beautiful objects, or if you don't accept your certain situation with peace. Don't grizzle: agree with life and meanwhile fight for your aims! Don't let the structure of daily events...