Seven fat-burning rules

Many people screw up the process of losing weight by wanting everything at the same time and they try all kinds of methods simultaneously, which usually ends up in a mess. Forget about all the different options and combinations and concentrate on the basics: reduced food intake and fat-burning training sessions!

People who’re inclined to obesity and have little perseverance should go for variety. Beyond combining fat burning sports you should get fitness equipment that motivates you to move your body even more. Once you are familiar with the different methods and have different types of fitness equipment, choose at least 3 of them and use them 5x a week – to create the variety you need!

Choose slimming exercises that you take pleasure in! Enjoy exercising and every moment of the whole process. Don’t get comfy in your chair and let yourself slip into idleness. Walk more, and play with the kids. Go to places where you can move and exercise with other people. Use your fitness equipment, seek the company of people who lead an active lifestyle and go hiking and biking or go on picnics together.

Do you remember that back in the day when you used to go to school, it was not only in P.E. class that you were physically active, right? You used to walk and run around playing catch or hide and seek during breaks and even outside school in the playgrounds and forests. With the passing of time however, people move less and less. As adults, we tend to believe that 2 training sessions a week are all it takes to keep in shape. Forget about the 2-sessions-a-week rubbish! Your body was made for daily exercise, and you have to do sports every day. Beside your fat-burning training sessions, any other physical activity (no matter how small it...

If you don’t have breakfast, your body will think that it has to go into self-preservation mode and build up reserves thus it will not burn any fat. Eat small amounts 5x a day to keep your metabolism functioning well. Breakfast is what kick starts the ’engine’ ie, the processes in your body. Have some light food like yoghurt and fruits but avoid anything with refined sugar in it.

This is the minimum required for the basic operation of your bodily functions. If you mess with these basic functions, your body’s fat-burning ability will be severely compromised. There is no point in drastic calorie intake withdrawal because it starts a fat reserve build-up cycle.

Your body needs proteins and plant matter that is rich in fibre and has a high water content. Good examples include, low-fat milk, yoghurt, eggs and fish. As for fruits and vegetables I recommend citrus fruits like lemon,  grapefruit, orange and tangerine, beans, nuts and seeds. I’d also like to point out the beneficial effects of apple and broccoli. You can spice up your water intake by having 1 or 2 cups of green tea a day.