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Muscle building

The muscle system makes up 40% of the body weight; or more than 50% for sports people. Muscles... Read more

Your muscle is made up of fibres: the more fibre there is in the muscle, the bigger the basic... Read more

In the first phase, your system focuses on learning new kinds of movements, so your muscles... Read more

It is well known that aerobic training helps to make rolls of fat disappear. The more... Read more

Weight lifting causes stunning, nicely shaped, strong muscles. The outcome of body change:... Read more

It's a fact that with weight training we burn similar amount of calories as with running, and... Read more

It is wrong to assume that by training one part of the body, local fat burning will occur. The... Read more

Muscle soreness is caused by lactic acid not burning because of lack of oxygen, and therefore... Read more

Besides muscle soreness there can be real strains and sprains. These can be and must be... Read more

We distinguish between one-hand and two-hand dumbbells, a short bar (10kg), a curl bar (10kg)... Read more

1. Warm up: Warm up well! 2. Concentrating: Concentrate on regular execution! Always... Read more

Exercise - this is a certain kind of movement (lifting, pressing, pulling, pushing). Between... Read more

Active break - the time between exercises, repetitions and serials. Passive break - time... Read more

The movements have to take place in the biggest range of movement and only suitable muscles... Read more

Sports people who hold their breath during weight lifting make a huge mistake. With this, they... Read more

A beginner should always have a stop-watch. Advanced check their breathing and pulse during... Read more

The active breaks FitFive suggests: - Between changing types of exercise: 1-2 minutes; -... Read more

Attention! Muscles need longer break times as well. Every 6 weeks I suggest 1 week when you... Read more

For achieving even better results, radical changing of training parameters is not recommended.... Read more

Weight exercises can be divided into 5 different training levels: 1. Absolute beginner: if... Read more

To develop muscles it is necessary to give them a gradual burden, so you must increase the... Read more

In the case of each exercise begin power-testing with basic weights, or even with only a... Read more

FitFive shows you 82 weight lifting exercises, divided into 11 muscle groups. Bodybuilding... Read more