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Incorrect posture is a disorder in the development of the spine. At first, it is only a... Read more

Incorrect posture is a serious and widespread disorder. Statistical data shows that 50% of... Read more

Careless posture starts to develop most often between the ages of 6 and 10. Children... Read more

Yes. As simple as incorrect posture may seem, the consequences are very serious. Improper... Read more

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Crooked spine School backpacks cause constant asymmetric weight distribution when... Read more

The most important advantage is that it prevents other developmental disorders such as flat... Read more

The spinal column has 24 moving vertebrae. It is arched in 4 places that we call curves. Read more

Forward bend : The spine is almost a perfect arch. Backward bend : The arch has three... Read more

Correct posture : All the curves developed correctly. Hunched back : The dorsal and lumbar... Read more

The inter-vertebral discs gain fluid during sleep, thus in the morning we are 0.5 - 0.8 inch... Read more

Wall test Standing with your back against the wall, allow your heels, buttocks and... Read more

Like most other developmental abnormalities, prevention is the most important. The spine's... Read more