If you are sleepy, don't practise! Don't do anything, just go to sleep for half an hour. Sleepiness is quite a strong sign from the system, and you have to take it seriously.

If you restart FitFive after a long break, just start it slowly. Don't continue from where you stopped, but prepare yourself step by step to get back to the intensive training.

Don't feel you must stop FitFive if you have an old injury and don't feel capable of practising all the exercises. Certain areas can be developed, so that all the afflictions of the old accident can be removed. I've also had injuries, but I can now correct everything. To do this, I start with complete lung breathing and breathing-walking, then gradually move on to stretching, yoga and strengthening of the muscles. Believe me, you will make it! To anyone with an injury or even absolute amateurs I would always recommend FitFive, because the power is in you to improve, and FitFive also contains passive forms of training.

It can happen that for some reason you need to miss a training session. Generally there can be three kinds of reason: Reason 1. External reason: Anything that comes up in connection with your work, school or family. If the time is not compatible with training, concentrate on the task at hand, you will soon compensate for the training! Reason 2. Your own inner decision: If you don't feel capable of training that day according to your feelings, don't force it on yourself. Listen to your inner voice, whether your decision has a physical or spiritual reason, it is usually correct. Reason 3. Laziness: Don't confuse the inner voice with...

Set yourself five FitFive days as a target, and if you keep it to three or four times a week, your development will be ideal. Even if you don't accomplish the weekly quota, don't stress yourself: but try to practise more often. Try to do at least the morning stretches, the breathing exercises, daily walking and the warm up exercises every day! You will have to have two whole days for relaxing: your muscles need relaxation in the interest of regeneration. Always pay attention to the signs of your body, you need to feel when you are really tired, and then you have to stop: don't continue to train that day!