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Yoga is one of the most perfect systems of health and self-balance. Yoga is a science of body, mind and soul. The awareness of your real essence can be encouraged by the practise of yoga. Yoga is a system of self-knowledge, self-improvement and is open to global interpretation. Yoga comes from India, and was spread without written sources for thousands of years. It was improved by sages living in close contact with nature, and who found the real essence of existence, and used it to be released from the ongoing alternation between joy and pain. They were seeking a means of helping every living person without any external or material...

It is a variation of the Sanskrit "yug" which means: unification, coherence, diligence, concentration, praxis or application, proper order, travel, usage, benefit, and magic. Yoga means unification: it is the unification of the spirit with its original self.

This method is the combination of three areas: moving, breathing and feeling, and also immobility, holding your breath and feeling. Different positions together with different techniques of breathing cause basic changes in body functions: that concern the body and the mind. Stress in you (which sometimes you don't know about) stiffens your muscles, and joints, damages internal organs, and transforms an originally beautiful body into a terrible form. This is how every illness begins: with negative thoughts causing harm in every single part of the body.

These days, for many of us, everyday activities become routine, boring, and unchanging obligations. We are numb because of our apathetic sense organs and we walk about without sensing it, without talking to strangers, and doing every day tasks without any sense of purpose.  Yoga stops this. You will focus on yourself and will become open-minded to everyday routine at the same time. You explore again the sunshine in your life, and you will marvel like a child at the simple wonders of nature. You will fully experience everyday life again, and you will be able to sense the vibration of the world around you. You will have your focus...

If you have the first signs of a cold or flu, practice more total lung breathing, minimise your food intake (it is even better not to eat for a day) and raise your water intake to 3-4 litres a day. Through complete breathing, much energy can be collected which then doesn't have to be used in digestion, and the liquid cleans your organs several times.