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Asthma is inflammation of the airways that leads to bronchial constriction. It is a... Read more

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Asthma can start at age 2 or 3 and it affects 10% of school-aged children. Of those affected,... Read more

Common symptoms of asthma: frequent dry cough, attacks of apnea, laboured breathing, wheezing,... Read more

The bronchial mucus membranes produce mucus. Asthmatics produce more mucus than the average... Read more

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Yes. Asthma can be induced by incorrect posture since the concaved chest and frontally... Read more

The recognition of asthma can occur late, in which case the child will need medication and... Read more

Contrary to popular belief, it is the disposition for allergies that is inherited; not asthma.... Read more

Incorrect posture It is typical for an asthmatic child to hold his or her upper torso... Read more

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FitFive's motto: "A single generation of properly breathing people would be capable of... Read more

The adaptation of conscious breathing results in the following positive effects: Lack of... Read more

The function of the respiratory system is to facilitate the taking of oxygen and the releasing... Read more

Air reaches our lungs through the upper airways and lower respiratory tract. The upper airways... Read more

The bronchi are lined with a mucous membrane. On the mucus membrane we find tiny cilia. When a... Read more

If you laid out the ventilating surface of an adult lung, it would be as large as a tennis... Read more