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Golden Rules for Asthma

It is not asthma but rather the disposition for allergies that can be inherited. If a child is susceptible to allergies, his or her chance of becoming asthmatic is much greater. In the chart below, check the diseases present in your family and then answer the following questions. The more checkmarks, the more you need to teach your children to make the best use of their lungs. And, FITFIVE's exclusive respiratory exercise program offers extraordinary help. Asthma Symptom Diary     Was there asthma? Was there hay fever? Was there poison ivy? Parents      ...

Keep your child's room clean and tidy; make sure that all the "dust collectors" are put away. Dust with a wet rag. Wash the curtains and stuffed animals regularly. Vacuum furniture upholstery. Air out the room daily. Dogs and cats belong outside. Watch your child's digestion and do not serve food that causes stomachache, diarrhoea or rash. Do not smoke in the company of your child. Or, better yet, quit smoking all together! Keep a symptoms diary and always write down positive and negative changes in your child’s condition to ease recognition of asthma and prevent its progression. Encourage your child to be active...

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