Today's modern medicinal approach doesn't treat the whole human body; it only examines and cures some parts of it. Medical professionals define a condition, and then they look for its reason and the medicine that can cure the condition. In the meantime, big corporations experiment on animals and humans, and hope that some tablet works, almost by chance. But there is a famous living scientist, who discovered an enormous truth and propagated it to people: water is a medicine for a multitude of problems. He is Dr F. Batmanghelidj, and the title of his book is "Your Body's Many Cries for Water". In it, he gives a logical and...

Water famine is one of the reasons behind obesity, as thirst and hunger usually go hand-in-hand with each other. People who drink little amounts of water misunderstand this easily, and eat when in fact they should drink. The easiest way to learn how to separate the two feelings is to drink a glass of water before eating. If your hunger disappears, then you were just thirsty.

As it is well known, 75% of the human body is water, and 25% is water soluble solid materials. Moreover, 85% of brain tissue is water. According to recent medical studies, the solid materials should therefore be observed, researched and analysed, because the water is just carrying them, like a subservient part. But if something has a 75% majority, it is the boss. Therefore, the water is not just a mere dissolver, in fact it controls all the activities of the body.

You have to drink 2 liters of water a day so that all your bodily processes work well. This is 10 glasses of water, 10 times 2 decilitres of water. Add to this the water you may consume in other ways (in soups, fruits, other liquids), you actually need to get 3.5 liters altogether. From this amount 2.5 liters will leave the body as urine, a few deciliters evaporate through the skin, half a liter from the exhaled air and 1-2 deciliters through defecation.

1. After waking up, but before breakfast, 2. 30 minutes after breakfast, 3. Some time during the morning, 4. 15 minutes before lunch, 5. 30 minutes after lunch, 6. Some time in the early afternoon, 7. Some time in the late afternoon, 8. 15 minutes before dinner, 9. 30 minutes after dinner, 10. 30 minutes before going to bed.

Don't worry that your kidneys might not be able to handle an exaggerated amount of water. Just the opposite; it is more of a problem if your urine is dark, because then your kidneys have worked very hard, just as if an engine is working without motor oil.

When your urine is light, transparent, almost colourless all day and if you get really thirsty for water at the listed times, and you empty your bladder every 2-3 hours. This emerges within 2-3 weeks, or in more difficult cases it takes 3 months.

You have to realise that if you suffer from a lack of water, your body signals continuously any pain in the digestive system, the stomach and the bowels. Neuralgia or joint pain, migraine, high blood pressure and dark urine are all signs of water starvation. The feeling of a dry mouth and dry lips is not the only sign, but it is a very strong sign: never wait so far!

Another important rule! A large amount of water gets everywhere in your body, diluting other more solid parts. You should therefore substitute more mineral materials, especially salt. For your daily two and a half liters of drinking water you will need to consume a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. Salt is needed to maintain correct fluid levels. If we consume a lot of salt, we will retain a lot of water. Therefore our skin, ankles and hands swell. If this happens, salt consumption must be reduced. The rest of the mineral substances we need can be supplied via complete vitamin supplements.

I often hear that somebody doesn't drink water because they don't like it, or think it has no taste. Let that be its only deficiency! Water is vital and life-affirming. The polluting of water is an even bigger sin than wasting it. Water receives everything, it's unprotected. It is one of the basics of life itself and it doesn't refuse any other material. It has no doubt that anybody or anything wants to harm it. And then it can't help carrying the harmful materials everywhere: but people can do something about this. We need water and clean water also needs to be protected by people. Remember not to waste or knowingly pollute water...

It is not correct to say that every liquid can be considered the same as water. In other liquids, there can be a lot of solid material too. For processing or digestion of the solid material, water is needed. Your daily dose of water must, therefore, be at least 2 liters, in addition you can drink tea, soup and fruit. Drinks with caffeine content are water removers, therefore the more you drink them, the more extra water you need to drink too not to deplete your body. The alcohol content in drinks also speeds up water elimination; so they do not count as water consumption as well.

You should drink a least 2 litres of water a day. Based on your weight, drink 1 decilitre of water for every 3 kilogrammes! If your tap water is good quality, you can mix it with mineral water in half proportions to be cost-effective. It is not worth drinking only mineral water because it may contain mineral substances which can be stored in your body and cause a chemical imbalance.

For sports people, an adequate amount of water consumption is incredibly important, since the presence of fresh water in their lungs, muscles and joints is essential. In summer and hot weather, people usually drink more. This doesn't mean that in winter and cold weather you should use a lesser amount than prescribed. Drink 2 litres at least daily in winter too!

Ha a környezetedben jó minőségű a csapvíz, akkor nyugodtan keverd az ásványvízzel fele-fele arányban. Csak ásványvizet azért nem ajánlatos inni, mert lehetnek benne olyan ásványi anyagok, melyek képesek elraktározódni a szervezetedben, és ezáltal felborítják a belső kémiai egyensúlyt.