Problems are challenges

Try to be happy if you have a problem or a difficult task in your life. Problems arise to enable you to know yourself and change yourself. Problems are tasks which serve your development like a disease. Problems cannot be solved in most cases, but you can change yourself or your attitude to them. If you change and become better by the effect of the problem, that problem can't bother you in the future.

Imagine that at birth the number of your problems (and your tasks) you will face is determined. If you get rid of one along your development path, you will have one less problem. Problems are challenges: you can deal with them, if you prepare for them! If you are not prepared enough, or if you don't change yourself, you will just cover the problem temporarily. It will return to you in the form of a bigger problem so that you take its message more seriously. You have to change yourself in order to make progress!

If you cannot relax yourself completely, you cannot train yourself totally either. You have to know what is best for you and when. Usually you have to find a balance, but if it's time to work, you have to put everything into it. It's the same with relaxation: if it's time to relax, switch off your brain, forget about work and give yourself over to complete entertainment.

The most important thing is moderation. Exaggerated activity and exaggerated self-denial leads to the decay of health. It doesn't make sense to follow a distant target (in our case for example a thing we believe is healthy), if it involves a lot of sacrifice, stress and tension.

On the road, you shouldn't always concentrate on the target, it just has to be designated. You have to concentrate on the present, on the road before you. If you keep thinking of reaching something, your body and mind will be tense. If you are tense your whole life, you get old before your time.

Youth should be about maintaining youngness inside; some inner efforts must be taken, and you have to change your attitude to things. Youth is first of all a mental state: and a state without fear and distress. If you never encountered fear or distress in your life you would stay young forever. Consider yourself young irrespective of your age and those around you will also see you as young.

Don't consider total balance to such a state that you definitely have to struggle, to fight for it, always being good and keeping all the rules of health. This is a utopia. Anyone who fights to reach total balance, will get destroyed in the fight. Consider a life in which the main principle is goodness and health, but sometimes wrong and unhealthy practices can take place to a certain extent. Walk freely on your way, and imagine that it is easy and simple. Be moderate and meaningful: if you commit a small sin, or leave the right way for a moment, try to put back the pendant of balance with two more good steps. :)

We cannot have only good thoughts, nor can a thoughtless state be created very easily in today's society. Anyone who takes the right path to health also has bad thoughts and deeds along the way. These cannot be denied, so don't abuse yourself. Accept that bad thoughts occur but don't judge yourself or exaggerate the bad thoughts. If you study them a lot, they will simply make you feel full of remorse or compunction. But if you observe from the outside and only look at the reasons why they appear and disappear, they will soon leave your mind altogether. These negative thoughts will disappear if you leave them alone. Release all those...