I can declare proudly that I have been on the right path since I was 21. I don't want to change anybody or force anybody to take on my value-system, I don't want to change the world, I don't want to seem self-important, I don't want to glorify my results. I just want to show others a long-term method of reaching happiness. For anybody who is interested, I live my life by the rules of FitFive and I simply feel very good. Day by day I get better and stronger, and feel healthy and content. I would highlight three principles that define my attitude to my purpose: "Accuracy, Consistency, Utility" Accuracy Everything has its own...

"For 5 years I suffered from a very serious skin disease (since I was 16 years of age), which almost ruined my puberty and early youth. It was the most serious kind of acne vulgaris: my face, neck, shoulders, back and chest were covered by abscesses and pimples and replaced by open scars and scabs for years. "Despite this, I have become a valuable individual and sportsman with a positive outlook and excellent physique. The reason is that I discovered that this disease was a sign to look into myself, change and realise my life's true purpose. I can deeply empathise with those who fight with a serious, returning disease and win their...

The acquisition of discipline is the key to our dreams and ambitions, the base of all true success. Discipline attracts possibilities. If we want to get ahead, we must start with this first. Everybody is able to do this. The point is that if you want to make your plans come true today, let's take the first step today. With no more fuss! We start with the discipline of partial momentum to achieve finally the discipline which affects the whole personality.

It means even, measurable progress and the goal itself. Drawing up a clearly defined and executable scale of values on your own. Success is if you shape your life to whatever you want it to be.

Let them inspire you, because they release creative power. Well-described, tangible dreams are needed. You must spend time on daydreaming, on planning your future for it to be possible.

Strong, clear aims behave as magnets. The more you define and describe them the more they attract you towards themselves. Don't let good aims disappear: write them down at once! The acquisition of wished-for things is secondary. A true profit is an aim that forces you to improve. It asks for and gives you strength of character, bravery, determination and willpower. You are a happy person if you approach a reasonable purpose step-by-step and experience all the beauty that lies throughout the journey. You must approach your purpose like this: step by step. It will depend only on you who you are and who you are going to be. Reaching your...

In life only applied knowledge counts, knowledge of successful methods is not enough. Only action is followed by feedback, so only positive action is followed by positive answers. Let's decide: it's better to make a bad decision than make no decision.

The key to determination is: I want! Determination means that I promise myself that I won't ever give up.

You must have enough reasons. If you know what you want and want it enough, you will find a way to achieve it. Motives can be the following things: Appreciation: when you receive appreciation it strengthens your faith in your values. Knowledge of certain victory: get accustomed to victory. Family: you are doing everything for them. Charity: let's share your knowledge and prosperity with those who are also worthy of it. Award: let's devote time for enjoying your victories; this urges you to further efforts.

You must ask for your goal in an intelligent, clear and concrete way. You must do this with faith! Let's ask and ask for success in an intelligent way! You can see your way through difficulties if you ask and listen, instead of jumping to conclusion. You must believe and trust in yourself and in your aims in the meantime. You should be as enthusiastic as a child.

Time is the inscrutable raw material of all things. With it, everything is possible, and without it nothing. Every minute of a day is yours only, the most precious of your valued items! Nobody can take it from us. Everyone gets the same amount, not more or less. Its appropriate and most efficient use is highly important. Everything depends on it. You must be punctual because we won't have ever more time, only just as much as we have now. Without clear aims, making an effective schedule is impossible. A checklist of priorities must be done and you must decide when is the time for hard work and when for relaxation. You shouldn't spend...

Let's devote maximum attention to whatever we are doing at the moment. Do not learn only what is required but also things you feel are useful and that bring you closer to your purpose!

You must know what kind of knowledge you need for reaching your goals. Your abilities expand up to your dreams! Find and listen to fantastic and successful people! Staying silent and observing is a brilliant opportunity for learning, since success has a number of perceivable signs. Let's not wish it were easier but only to be smarter and wiser! Everybody should encourage his own personality to make progress. And to maintain our mental endurance we must keep our body in the best possible condition.

Read everything that is important to reach your purpose! We become what we read. Reading too much is impossible, only reading too little.

For success you must knock down the barriers or limits in yourself: including delays, blaming others, and excuses.

You must work even harder on yourself than you do on your job. If you want more than you have, you must become more than you are now. You can develop happiness and success in yourself with your achievements that are above average, using your power, enthusiasm and diligence. If you don't like the present state of affairs, modify it! If something is not enough for you, modify it! You can change everything for the better, if you make yourself better! Let's change along the way. Starting orders and parameters are not enough even for ships to make the whole journey.

Taking all the responsibility is the noblest manifestation of a human's maturity. What counts is not what is happening to you but what you do in connection with this.

Accept that you are strong, good and worthy of attention! Enjoy your uniqueness! The power lies within you. If you take control of your life your self-confidence will grow enormously. That's why you must take control of your body. Self-confidence has a greater force even than religious beliefs because it inspires you to activity and you must have actions to increase your self-confidence. By your actions you will develop, reach your appropriate purpose and make your dreams come true! So many people expect their God to do the work instead of them, but only active belief brings you forth to success. Self-confidence is not equal to...

Everything counts: who you spend your time with, what kind of effect they have on you, is this suitable for you or not? A wise man doesn't waste his time on non-serious relationships and meaningless chats. You break up and that's it! You need to find good people, and not wait for bad ones to change! Spend more time with good people! Create relationships with purpose, and don't be afraid to maintain these friendships. Human relations are mostly connected and kept alive for significantly long periods by good social aims. Many people think bad and malicious people must be punished. Do not pay attention to stuff like this. Life punishes them...

The key to happiness is not having more. Happiness must be examined and practised on others. You must study and practise happiness in order to really understand and appreciate it. Love is not merely a pleasant feeling on its own, instead giving and getting love are study-able courses. I hope you will find people to like, and they will like you as well!

Find the things in your life you like to do. Be enthusiastic towards your mates! Forget about your own thoughts for a period and focus on what your friend or partner tells you. It is not an accident that you have met somebody. Your connection with others brings you some sort of information, and if you listen you will figure it out. This only applies to interesting and energy-supplying people!

If you are under attack or heading towards a serious decision, do not react immediately. Wait for an hour or even an entire day. It doesn't matter if finally your reaction is the same as the day before, or the moment it actually happened. Avoid sudden reactions, because passion often does not lead you the right way.

Be grateful to destiny, your God and yourself if you are on the right way. Be grateful to those who help you on your way.

No matter what happens to you, do not be unforgiving! If somebody hurts you, forgive him/her as soon as possible! Anger is a negative feeling and you only harm yourself with anger. What is done is done, take the consequences and let it go!

Do not be critical to others, because one cannot understand the soul and entire life of another! Do not judge anybody, even those who you really feel you know. Only accept, help to change or avoid. Do not be critical even of yourself, rather encourage your soul to be good!