Accept and move on!

Acceptance is when we see things without judging them. We may have an opinion, but it's not a judgement. The biggest advantage of acceptance in the modern age is that it is fast and simple. Instead of judging and trying to change something or interfering with it, accept it and that's it. The best to do is to accept the situation you find yourself in regarding things have already happened previously and things have depended on someone else as well.

Imagine the following situation. Right now you have a certain kind of mental and physical state. It emerged over years and maybe now it's wrong for you. The reason behind this is you: you didn't deal well either with your spirit or with your body at some point in your past. By now you have confessed that you have to change something.

This is the point: don't be angry with yourself. Anger is a negative feeling. Whatever is negative can make you sick mentally or physically. Accept your current state and accept the fact that you caused it - accept that you made a mistake. But instead of being annoyed, or feeling angry about yourself and trying to look for an explanation, just take action! Devote all your energy to change. Once if you take control over your body and soul, you can do anything in life.