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What to watch for under age 2

When the child is between 4 and 8 months old, do not limit their space! Put children on the carpet and let them roam free. Do not keep them in small places because if they can only reach upward, then they could try to stand up before their feet are ready. Standing up too early deforms the undeveloped bones in their little feet.

Massage their feet regularly! You will not only deepen the parent-child relationship, but they will sense the role you are playing in helping them stand and walk.

Do not push them to start walking. Wait until they stand up on their own. When the baby starts walking, do not make them walk too often! In the beginning, the muscles are too weak for weight bearing and so the arch can sink.

Let the child walk barefoot as much as possible! Take the child to places where the terrain is uneven so the toes will be forced to grip and the soles will get unequal pressure from time to time.