About FIT5

The FitFive System is an easy-to-follow, comprehensive, effective, daily health and fitness routine program based on elements from modern, western fitness and ancient, eastern methods. It's your excellent guide to a proper diet, regular exercise and positive thinking.


Modern Western Fitness + Ancient Eastern Methods = FitFive System

FitFive will help you to:
 acquire your health and fitness goals,
 be satisfied with your body and power,
 alearn using positive thinking and self-motivation in any situation.

According to FitFive, there are 5 main energy sources, which needs to be utilised properly to maintain both health and harmony:



The FitFive System has been developed over many years of research. Its developer has processed the best 200 books on health, and run health courses with hundreds of women and men from ages 10 to 70. Combining the best literature and personal experiences as a trainer, he has selected theories and exercises that are really effective and easy.

You will find your goals easier to achieve if you are healthy and strong. If you live a healthy lifestyle, then you set a great example to your family and friends, and you can also help them with their health. People need to have strong and positive mates: everyone has the ability to discover and utilise their OWN Energy!

FitFive wants to help you with this and that's why we are giving you all of our gathered knowledge of health and fitness: the whole theory and practice of the FitFive System.